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What you Need to do When You Make a Poor Choice or Make a Mistake

I have talked about the choices we make and the stories we tell ourselves and others. Today I want to talk about what you need to do when you make a poor choice, or make a mistake. We all make mistakes and poor choices. We just need to know what we should do when it happens.  

So typically people react to mistakes in one of two ways. The first one is to tell yourself that you have made a mistake so since you have already messed up today might as well just forget about it and start over tomorrow so it doesn’t matter what I do today. This is not an awesome choice. If we do this we will never ever get going and never reach our goals. SO avoid this choice.

The second option is to acknowledge the mistake or poor choice and move on. This is by far the better choice. You unfortunately will not be able to do anything to counteract the bad choice. You can reduce the amount of calories that you have for the rest of the day but you still need to make sure you are feeding your body what it needs. If you make a bad choice at the onset of the day you don’t want to stop eating and not have anything else, this would also be a bad choice. An example would be something like you have a bad morning and break your fast with ice cream. Obviously not a great start to your eating for the day however you want to just have a little talk with yourself and let yourself know that that wasn’t a great choice and then eat what you know are good choices for the rest of the day. I know for some this can be hard and that is why having an accountability partner is good too because you can reach out and get them to help talk you out of a bad decision, or help you get into making good decisions.

So don’t beat yourself up about making a bad decision, just let it go and move on in a good way. Journaling is a really good way to help you look at the mistakes that you have made and can help you to figure out why we are making the same mistakes over and over. It can help you to figure out different coping mechanisms we can use to get through a situation that can cause us to make that bad choice.

Tune in next week for more discussion about lifestyle and food.

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