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Back to the Basics

Last week I was talking about if your program was working for you so I thought I would talk about getting back to the basics this week. Whether you need a reboot on the program you are on or need to just start over, getting back to the basics is a great way to start.

So there are sort of three main things that we talk about when we are talking about the basics. Protein, water and types of food you are consuming.
It is very important to get good quality protein into your body. If you are not getting enough it is not great and if you are not getting the right types it can also be bad. Your body needs protein and it needs all the different peptides to do all the jobs we need it to do. So you always want to be aware of the quality of the protein you are using if you're using a protein powder. It is also great if you know that the meat you are eating is good quality too. So the rule of thumb for protein is to eat half your weight in grams of protein every day.

Water is also a very important part of, well life in general. We are made of mostly water and require it to function. Many people who don’t get enough water can experience many different things like headaches, brain fog, cramping, things like that. Water also is great for weight loss, most people will see a reduction in their weight when they increase their water intake. Water like protein needs to be a good source. I have had many people say to me that they get their water from the coffee, tea, or soft drinks that they consume. This is partially true your body does get some of its water from there however it must do a lot of work to get that water. Where as if you just drink plain water the body knows what to do with it and can use it right away. Simple rule for water is half your weight in oz of water everyday.

The third thing you need to do with a reset or getting back to the basics is to look at the foods you are eating. Eliminating the things that we all know affect our bodies like wheat and dairy, as well as reducing the amount of carbohydrates that we consume. This will help your body to be able to process the things you are putting in. A great way to help your body do that processing is to get into intermittent fasting. Or do a three day fast to do a complete reset. If your body doesn’t have the task of digesting food it has the capability of doing so much more.

Ok so make sure you are getting enough protein half your weight in grams a day, also enough water half your weight in oz per day. And look at the foods you are eating. Try to make good choices.

Tune in next week for more discussion about lifestyle and food.

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