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Are All Eating Programs Good For You

I was asked this week if what I was doing with my eating program was serving me. That is a great question and brings up a few different points about programs. Like are all programs good for everybody, why we are attracted to certain programs and is there a program that would work for everyone.

The first point about all programs being good for everyone, as I am sure you have heard me say before that everyone is an individual and everyone is different. We all react differently to foods and supplements and anything else we expose ourselves to. So not all programs are going to work the same for everyone. Now that being said for the most part if you adjust the way you are eating, drink more water, and get more sleep things are going to be better in your body in general and you should be able to reduce your weight. So any program can help to shed excess weight. But they are definitely not all good for us. There are some very drastic eating programs that are highly restrictive and there are others that get you to take things that can mess with your body's balance. Before starting any program you need to look into it and find out how others are doing on it.
Why are we attracted to certain programs? Well that is easy to answer and marketing has a lot to do with it. Ultimately we are all looking for results and usually we want it quickly. SO any program that promises quick results with the least amount of effort is usually very appealing. We do all want a quick fix but unfortunately if you are wanting to take off some inches and reduce your weight it is more about lifestyle changes and mindset which is a topic for a different video. We need to be very careful when we are choosing a program to be sure that it is a good fit and will get you the results you are looking for.

I also asked if there is a program that will work for everyone? I sort of answered that already in that I mentioned that everyone is different and experiences different things. The ideal program has a basic system as a starting point and then has different tools that can be added or taken away as needed to help people to achieve their goals. There is not one way that will work for everyone so we need to use different approaches and tools to help each individual. If you are wanting more information on the program I teach let me know in the comments.

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